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Review of the book PHPUnit Essentials

Due to my experience with PHP and PHPUnit the people of PACKT Publishing gently asked me to review this new book about PHPUnit essentials written by Zdenek 

Using GREP_OPTIONS to save time with the grep command

I use grep a lot on my daily basis.  Most of the time I use it to search over source code, and because source code nowadays lives in version control repositories (most likely named Git or Svn), I accidentely started many searches through the .git and .svn folders.

Updating the license headers on multiple files with sed

Some days ago I needed to update the license header that appears at the beginning of every source file of one my open source projects (Beobachter, a graphical log file monitor), and as with most tasks I do on my computer, there was no room for manual work.

Demo: Online game written with browser-only technologies

I'll use this post to show you a simple browser game my brother Pablo and I have written recently (well, he designed those good looking graphics, I wrote the code). The game is available to play it at, and at this time is only working 100% on Chrome browsers. (because we decided to abuse of some webkit functionalities, like advanced CSS3 animations). Disclaimer: The game was intended to children between 8 and 12 if I recall correctly, so don't expect a FPS (First Person Shooter)!

Feedback on the Mongodb for Java developers course

Yesterday was the last day of a course I took on Mongodb for Java developers. The course, online and free, is offered by the company behind the open source product. (the company was recently rebranded after the product name, instead of 10gen)

Speed up your composer based PHP app

Composer is great for our PHP apps because keeps dependencies well defined and self-satisfiable. But it has a drawback, it can make our application slower.